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Notification for MNRI® Courses and NL Conferences

Please check the prerequisites for the MNRI® courses of your interest. This way you can find out what is needed to be able to participate in a certain MNRI® course. For Conferences you need to be MNRI® Core Specialist to work as a therapist or Core in Training to observe as trainee.

The courses 'Dynamic and Postural Reflex Pattern Integration', 'Archetype Movements Integration' and 'Lifelong Reflex Integration' are basic courses that have no prerequisites.

Please note that you need to start with 'Dynamic and Postural Reflex Pattern Integration' (DPRI) in order to be able to participate in most other MNRI® courses.

CIT is for those MNRI® Students, who signed up for the Core In Training Program, to become an MNRI® Core Specialist.

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 Archetype Motor Movements (no prerequisites)
 Dynamic and Postural Reflex Pattern Integration (no prerequisites)
 Lifelong Reflex Integration (no prerequisites)
 Tactile Reflex Integration (no prerequisites)
 Maximizing Brain Potential (prerequisites: DPRI)
 Solution for Dyslexia (prerequisites: DPRI)
 Visual and Auditory Reflex Integration (prerequisites: DPRI)
 Proprioceptive and Cognitive Reflex Integration (prerequisites: DPRI)
 Upper Limb Reflex Integration & Manual Skills Development (prerequisites: DPRI)
 Oral/Facial-Level 1 (prerequisites: DPRI)
 Reflex Integration Disorder and PTSD Recovery (prerequisites: DPRI + Tactile)
 NeuroTactile Advanced (prerequisites: DPRI + Tactile)
 Stress Hormones (prerequisites: DPRI + 2 additional courses)
 Oral/Facial-Level 2 (prerequisites: DPRI+Oral/Facial-1+Tact+1 additional course)
 NeuroStructural R.I. (prerequisistes: DPRI+Arch+Tact AND Lifelong/VARI/Procog)
 Breathing Reflexes (prerequisites: DPRI + 8 additional courses)
 Children with Challenges (prerequisites: DPRI + 8 additional courses)
 Aqua Reflex Integration (prerequisites: DPRI + 8 additional courses)
 IPET Archetype Movement Integration (prerequisites: CIT + DPRI + Archetypes)
 IPET Tactile Integration (prerequisites: CIT + DPRI + Tactile)
 IPET Repatterning-Level 1 (prerequisites: CIT + 2x DPRI + 1 additional course)
 IPET Neurostructural R.I. (prerequisites: CIT LEVEL 3 + all IPETS)
 Basal Ganglia (prerequisites: CIT + DPRI + 2 additional courses)
 Reflex Integration & Dyslexia (prerequisites: CIT LEVEL 2)
 Dysfunctional & Pathological Reflex Integration (prerequisites: CIT LEVEL 2)
 Reflex Integration & Immunology (prerequisites: CIT LEVEL 3)
 Birth & Post-Birth Reflex Integration (prerequisites: CIT LEVEL 3)
 Neurosensorimotor Points Activation (prerequisites: CIT LEVEL 4)
 I want to receive more information about becoming an MNRI® Core Specialist
 I am Core in Training and I like to apply as Trainee for the Conference in NL
 I am a Core Specialist and I like to apply to work at the Conference in NL
 Assessment with Dr. Masgutova in The Netherlands
 Treatment with Core Specialist (45 min) + Dr. Masgutova (15 min) in NL


Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute Liaison for Europe

Thank you for your interest in MNRI®. We will send you an email as soon information is available. Kind regards, Wil van Kessel